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Greenpath Electric Bikes offers a large selection from many manufacturers. See all our bikes below or select a brand or type that fits your needs.

Depending on which models you are considering in the Electric Bike World, the Octava/Shima/Alva line has been labeled by Electric Bike Action Magazine as the “Hummers of Electric Bikes.” While their Ferber/Galvani line has the refinement, quality and ride that makes you feel you have bought an Audi on two wheels.

With German engineering and design, these bikes are strong, comfortable and reliable. A2B offers a wide range of premium e-bikes, each combining modern design with state of the art technology, to provide users with the highest quality riding experience.

The Octava/Shima/Alva lines are built like trucks. Strong, bullet proof high performance motors that are built on frames that are one of the strongest in the industry., They can conquer a mountain trail or any pot hole filled city street that is out there.

The Ferber/Galvani Electric Bikes have the same quality and strength but on a relaxed, comfortable European design frames. The motor, hydraulic brakes and torque sensor pedal assist system are design to always leave you in control, while riding in comfort with extra padded hand grips and saddle.

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  • A2BElectric Bikes Alva+


    Save 24%

    An evolution of our ever-popular Alva, the Alva+ features both pedal-assist and throttle power on demand. This exciting new e-bike features and electric key fob, a removable 13.2 Ah lithium ion battery with magnetic connector, and hydraulic brakes. The model offers ease and style with an increased maximum speed of 24mph, and an extended range of up to 40 miles.

  • A2BElectric Bikes Ferber


    Designed with a more traditional sensibility, the Ferber combines faster, more responsive maneuverability with wider, 26” wheels for a more upright and comfortable ride. This thoughtfully-designed model offers all the advantages of a conventional bike, with the reassurance of power when you need it.

  • A2BElectric Bikes Galvani


    Save 4%

    The Galvani’s urban retro-style frame and larger wheels move over obstacles more easily, making it suitable for rough terrains and non sealed roads. Powered by pedal assist, this sporty, touring bike-style model is designed to look great and perform brilliantly in both urban and country environments.

  • A2BElectric Bikes Kuo Folder


    Designed to be highly portable, the Kuo conveniently folds down into an optional bag for easy carrying and storage. With a maximum speed of 15.5 mph and a range of up to 25 miles, the model increases both your journey options and enjoyment.

  • A2BElectric Bikes Kuo+ Folder


    Designed to be highly portable, the Kuo+ conveniently folds down and and has the option of a bag for easy carrying or storage. Offering throttle and pedal assistance, this stylish, lightweight model increases both your journey options and enjoyment.

  • A2B Obree Cruise


    And incredibly well built and affordable electric bike

  • A2BElectric Bikes Octave


    Save 33%

    The Octave’s smooth, clean lines ensure it’s frame turns heads, while the model’s revolutionary performance continues to impress. By offering the option of a second battery, the Octave’s range has been extended to a possible 40 miles, with a maximum speed of 20mph.

  • A2B Orsted


    Tailored to deliver pedal assist, the design of the Ørsted deliberately has a more ‘bike’ feel. The model’s traditional look belies its impressive, state-of-the-art technology

  • A2BElectric Bikes Shima


    Designed for speed and fitted with superior components, the Shima offers all of the benefits of the hybrid’s pedal-assist with a faster top speed of 28mph. The model’s 500W propulsion system delivers a range of up to 35 miles. This is our response to changes in demand, with a market now starting to warm up to pedal assist and looking for speed.

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