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What makes Greenpath Electric Bikes different from the all other electric bikes companies?

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No Green, No Sweat

1. All electric bike companies tell you that they have the best electric bikes, including Greenpath Electric Bikes.

Greenpath Electric Bikes goes one further, we not only sell the best electric bikes in every price category, we only represent the Manufactures that provide the best and most professional customer service to our customers.

After almost 10 years in the electric bikes business, we have found which Electric Bikes Manufactures provide you excellent customer service and which ones fall short.

You don’t want to be waiting 2 or 3 months for a part to come in from overseas.

You don’t want to be waiting 2 or 3 days or more to get a response back from a technician on a technical problem that you may be having.

Dollar for dollar Greenpath not only sells the best electric bikes for the money, we sell electric bikes from the best Electric Bike Companies on the market today.

2. If you notice that in most of our electric bike descriptions we always make a reference to an automotive product.

Such as comparing Easy Motion to a BMW. We feel that Easy Motion makes the best bicycle electric bikes for the money. Giving the kind of ride handling and quality from an electric bike that you would find in an automobile built by BMW.

They both cost more than average because they both are built better than other vehicles in their own category.

Pedegos are strong, comfortable electric bikes as Cadillacs are strong comfortable automobile.

We use the marketing that we all know in the automotive industry and pass it on to the electric bike industry. Making it easier for you to understand what type of electric bike you are considering. What your money is buying.

Do you want to spend your money on a sporty, high performance top of the line electric bike? You want the Porche of electric bikes, the Grace One. You may want an electric bike with the most modern technology that can give 60 miles on one charge. The Polaris is the Toyota Prius of the electric Bike world.

With these comparisons, we try to help you understand the feeling and characteristics of each electric bike we sell before you actually ride or buy one.

We hope to save you time and money while making your shopping experience a fun and easier one.

3. Finally the name of our company is Greenpath Electric Bikes.

We are fighting Global Warming.

If we can take one car a month off the road and replace it with an electric bike, we are making a difference, it may be a small difference but it is difference.

Even if you do not buy an Electric Bike from Greenpath Electric Bikes or any other of our competitors . PLEASE FIGHT GLOBAL WARMING as best as you can for our children and the future of our planet.

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