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Best Electric Cargo Bike – Pedego Stretch @ GreenPath

We’ve recently received and have been test riding and selling the new Stretch, Pedego‘s foray into the cargo/utility bike market, and Pedego nailed it!! We love this bike and we hope you will come down and test ride one to find out why.



The Stretch is a like a longer, stronger version of Pedego’s comfortable cruisers. They kept a similar handlebar but added a powerful motor and huge battery and stronger tubing and adjustable racks. The placement of the 15 Ah 48V battery into the middle of the frame low to the ground greatly helps the weight and balance of this bike and it just zips! I love this bike and am saving so my wife and I can get one to zip around Brooklyn on. And if we have to bring cargo, groceries or children with us, there is plenty of room to spare and this motor can handle it! Come by and try out the Pedego Stretch today at Green Path!!!

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