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Bring a Note from your Doctor and Receive 5 percent off an electric bike!

As recent studies have shown, electric bikes are great for your health!

This study says that electric bikes have amazing health benefits for your whole body. Doctors recommend electric bike and all other types of exercise. Go and talk to you doctor about the health benefits of riding an electric bike. Show him the articles and the study. If your doctor recommends that you should ride an electric bike, which he will, have him write a note, bring that note in to us and RECEIVE 5 PERCENT OFF YOUR PURCHASE OF A NEW ELECTRIC BIKE!

That it, it is that simple. Have your doctor write a note or prescription for riding an electric bike and we will give you 5 percent off the cost of an electric bike. This is a value of up to HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS you can save with a simple piece of paper! Do it today!


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