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Best Electric Bike Reviews

Best Electric Bikes? Here are our Electric Bike Reviews!

There are so many different electric bikes and manufacturers out there on the market today. How is a consumer supposed to choose the best electric bike for their needs?

On this page, we will be listing the reviews of electric bikes that we conduct in our store in Brooklyn and in real world New York City use cases. Reviews are not just based on a quick trip around the block but also based on feedback from months of riding and experience and feedback from our customers. It is important to us not just how a bike feels when you ride it our of the store, but also how the components will hold up from riding an electric bike on the mean streets of NYC.

We hope through the following reviews that you are able to find the electric bike that works best for you and your uses. As always, we are available to speak with you and answer any questions you might have via email at and over the phone at 718-788-1181.


Pedego City Commuter Review:

Pedego Latch Review:


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