BESV: Js1 Advance

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Sturdy yet agile, the BESV JS1 Advance, aka Jaguar electric bike has a strong, sporty dip frame which is hand-sculptured and offers riders of all ages and abilities ease of mounting. Available in classic black or vivid red, this BESV ebike has the versatility to accommodate either short rides around town or longer rides in the country. The 60 lbs aluminum frame is easy to handle, whilst the Velo saddle and Schwalbe Energizer Plus tires make for a smooth and comfortable ride.

The award-winning BESV JS1 Advance e-bike utilizes the brand’s unique Algorhythm power software and is manufactured in the same way as Moto GP racing motorcycles! The rear wheel-mounted motor ensures that less than 20% of the ebike’s power is lost during usage, whilst the premium 36V battery gives you a whopping 80km of power assistance off the back of a full 6-hour charge. This electric bike’s BESV Interface allows for four power options, including the exclusive intuitive Smart Mode function which calculates your personal assistance requirements and adjusts appropriately as you ride.

With a custom-built integrated 40lux headlight offering 25m range and Shimano Alivio 9S transmission system, this 2016 German Red Dot Award-winning pedal-assisted electric bike is the most stylish and versatile way to travel.