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The BESV Panther PS1 is a compact urban commuter style electric bike. It’s beautiful to look at with tight aluminum fenders, a carbon fiber body and polished white, cyber yellow or blazing red paint… Personally, I think they could have named it the Couger PS1 because young men will certainly be attracted to any ladies seen cruising this thing around 😉 Sure, guys can ride it just fine but I think the finer sex will appreciate its mid-step frame design and light weight build the most. And they will likely benefit the most from the smaller, more efficient, motor size since they tend to be lighter than guys. I really appreciated the front and rear suspension when ride testing because smaller wheels (like the 20″ used here) can feel abrasive going over bumps and cracks given their low attack angle. Thankfully, in addition to the suspension the Panther also comes with premium Schwalbe Big Apple balloon tires which are extra wide for even more cushion.

Compact form factor is easy to mount and stand over, extremely light weight frame (carbon fiber and aluminum build).

Responsive torque sensing pedal assist offers three levels of smooth power, 250 watt motor is quiet and efficient.

Front and rear LED lights, full length aluminum fenders and hydraulic disc brakes add utility while front and rear suspension, ergonomic grips and easy to read 3.8" display panel add comfort.