BIG CAT: Long Beach Cruiser XL 500

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Beach cruisers today are exploding in popularity. However interestingly enough they have been around for about 100 years! These days with the rise in popularity with electric bicycles, similarly electric beach cruisers are popular as well. Beach Cruisers are commonly known as having "balloon tires", however it is not so common to see cruisers with 4" fat tires. That is exactly what we did, and with that being said we'd like to introduce the all new Fat LBC XL.

It is essentially a fusion of the Big Cat ® Long Beach Cruiser & The Big Cat ® Fat Cat XL. So what you get is a step through frame style beach cruiser, with a 500w geared rear hub motor, a 48V12Ah lithium ion battery, and 4" balloon tires. The Fat LBC XL is capable of reaching speeds of up to 20mph, and has an average range of 15-30 miles on a single charge. This ebike also comes equipped with the Bafang C961 LCD display. This display allows riders to choose between 1-9 different levels of pedal assist, get speed readings, distance, time and battery life.

The 4" tires allow you to take this electric bike on almost any terrain, and with the 500w motor you'll be sure to have enough torque to make it through with ease. Stopping power is equally as important so we have equipped this bicycle with 160mm mechanical disc brakes.