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A large electric bike that would work well for taller riders who feel cramped on other models, it only comes in one size but the stem is adjustable and the top tube is angled to make stand-over more comfortable.

Perfect for commuting in urban and city environments, rain or shine, night or day because it comes with fenders, integrated lights (the front runs off a dynamo) and an oversized rack with reflectors, pannier blockers and bungee cords.

Beautiful, clean aeshetic... the battery, wires and display are color matched to the frame or completely hidden in some cases, the motor operates smoothly and fairly quietly, offers a good sense of zip and power up to ~20 mph, assist and throttle mode.

The battery is removable and can be charged on or off the bike but requires an extra dongle since the plugs are different, the charging port on the frame is vulnerable to the crank arms if the bike is moved, no bottle cage bosses despite plenty of room.