Pedego: Platinum Interceptor Step Thru

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The Platinum Interceptor is the most advanced Pedego yet, and you can really feel the difference. Unique to the Platinum is:

A larger front chainring and deluxe 10-speed drivetrain that provide fluid shifting and comfortable pedaling – even at high speeds.Top of the line hydraulic disk brakes that can stop on a dime with the greatest of ease.And a suspension fork that allows you to effortlessly glide over bumps in the road.

The Platinum also features exclusive Pedal Sense technology that’s perfect for any style of riding:

-Level 0 allows you to ride normally without any assistance.
-Levels 1-4 use a state of the art torque sensor to deliver proportional assistance based on how hard you pedal.
-Level 5 provides full power whenever you pedal – it doesn’t matter how hard
-Levels 1-5 all have a throttle override for full power on demand
And Level 6 is throttle only without any automatic pedal assistance.

The most important part of any Pedego is the person riding it, and the Interceptor is designed with your comfort in mind.