STROMER: St1, Class 3 Sport High Step Crossbar

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Its lithium-ion battery is housed directly in the frame, and can be effortlessly recharged directly in the e-bike, or away from it with a charger at any conventional power socket.

All the cables are installed along the frame.

The form and function of saddle, fenders and carrier all match the design of the ST1.

Choose from a number of assistance levels directly at the handlebar, so that you can always decide for yourself exactly how much pedaling work you want to do.

Efficient, silent motor accelerates with a vigorous torque.

The color of this classic bike is predetermined: the ST1 always comes in black.

The ST1 is the perfect concept for short and medium distances.

Using the intelligent principle of recuperation, the ST1 recovers energy under regenerative braking and automatically feeds it back into the battery.