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Easy Motion

No Green, No Sweat

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If you like BMW’s, you will love these.

Easy Motions are the best “bicycle” electric bike. Having some of the best bicycle components available today for the money. Giving these electric excellent performance, handling and braking. With a unique in frame battery system that “curves” into the frame, Easy Motion has one of the best looking line of electric bikes available today. Strong, powerful and on-demand power via full throttle system. They even have a five year warranty.

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  • Easy Motion 2017 Easy Go Race


    A affordable racing bike from Easy Motion with a 250 watt motor to keep you speeding along.

  • Easy Motion 2017 Easy Go Street


    Those looking to keep it light will enjoy the Street. Its got everything you want when getting around town just like its big brother EVO models, but with a smaller battery and motor. It’s Ideal for those looking for some electric assist on a budget.

  • Easy MotionElectric Bikes 2017 Evo City Wave+


    This package offer many of the accessories desired by those looking for utility like fenders, rack, lights, comfortable saddle and adjustable stem fixed to an easy-to-board step through frame. Perfect for those looking to move towards getting around town and getting things done sans car.

  • Easy Motion ATOM 27.5


    A Brose Mid Drive Electric Hard Tail

  • Easy Motion ATOM BIG BUD PRO


    A new edition to our Fat Tire offerings, use of the Brose mid-drive system allows the ATOM fat tire to employ the Rock Shox Bluto suspension fork. It’s also blue and black so you can still go big even if you don’t like the neon green of the EVO Big Bud.



    You’ll find all the facets you’re looking for in a city bike here. Rack, fenders, lights , adjustable stem and comfortable saddle. Unlike the EVO series, the ATOM’s mid-drive motor allows the use of an IGH (internally geared hub). This type of hub allows us to offer 8 speeds that are a little more protected against damage and the weather and fully enclose the chain to keep it completely away from you and your clothes.

  • Easy Motion ATOM LYNX 4.8 27.5 PRO


    The ATOM lynx is the first bike to combine the power of a Brose mid-drive unit with the performance of a Split Pivot suspension design. Throw in the 600Wh battery found on all Pro models and you have all the ingredients needed to bake a fun-cake.

  • Easy Motion ATOM LYNX 6 27.5 PRO


    This one is much like the 4.8 version. Fully ready for any trail, it has one additional inch of suspension travel. Think of it as a fun-cake with an extra layer.

  • Easy Motion EASYGO VOLT



  • Easy Motion EVO 27.5 PRO +


    An awesome all around hard tail performance mountain bike

  • Easy Motion EVO 29


    An awesome all around performance mountain bike

  • Easy Motion EVO AWD BIG BUD PRO +


    A dual motor all wheel drive performance mountain bike

  • Easy Motion EVO CITY +



  • Easy Motion EVO CROSS +


    A perfect all around hybrid electric bike

  • Easy Motion EVO STREET +


    You simply can’t go wrong when you take the same functionality found in the City bikes match it with a smaller step through frame and wrap it all in a simple black and white livery.

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