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Greenpath Electric Bikes offers a large selection from many manufacturers. See all our bikes below or select a brand or type that fits your needs.

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  • Electric BikesOptibike M7 Distance Commuter


    Save 6%

    More power and more range define the M7, which is built for taking you anywhere you want to ride. The M7 is a powerful bike at an economical price, with a 26 amp hr battery with 440 watts.

  • Electric BikesOptibike Pioneer Allroad


    The Pioneer combines a 500 watt mid drive motor with a Lithium Ion 37 volt 10.5 amp hr battery for great hill climbing and range. One of Optibike's newest bikes, the Pioneer Allroad is our most economical choice, delivering class-leading performance with an affordable price tag.

  • Optibike Pioneer Carbon


    Ultra Light 37 LB Carbon Fiber E-Bike

  • Electric BikesOptibike R11 Offroad Only

    from $13,990.00

    The 48 volt system accelerates faster with a wider power band, letting the rider attain speeds of up to 33 MPH. The R11 electric bike has 1100 watts of continuous power and peak power of over 2000 watts. This is the e-bike that holds the record for the 24.5 mile ascent up Pikes Peak and is used by Pro Cyclists in motor pacing. The R11 is always up to the challenge.

  • Electric BikesOptibike R8 All Around

    from $11,945.00

    Save 0%

    The Optibike R8 is the standard by which all other electric bikes are measured. The R8 has superior handling, hill climbing ability and stopping power than any other bike. The large 26 amp-hr Lithium Ion battery gives you the longest range of any electric bicycle, up to 100 miles with optional Touring Battery.

  • Electric BikesOptibike R8HD Heavy Duty

    from $12,945.00

    Save 0%

    The Optibike R8HD is an R8 that has been upgraded with a heavy duty package for people weighing over 220 pounds or who ride at more extreme levels. It features a larger 36 mm Fox Fork, larger rims and tires and other components designed for heavier riders.

  • Electric BikesOptibike SIMBB 29C


    Save 1%

    This innovative design is the first to offer Optibike’s revolutionary Super Integrated Motorized Bottom Bracket (SIMBB) power system. Various people in the industry have said the SIMBB is the future of E bikes. Many people still ask, “where is the battery”. They find it hard to believe the battery is in the bottom bracket with the motor, it looks so small.

  • Electric BikesOptibike SIMBB 29R


    Save 1%

    The revolutionary Optibike SIMBB 29R electric bike with Rohloff Speed Hub and Gates Carbon Belt Drive. What a combination!. The new patent pending SIMBB has a mid drive motor, battery, controller and smart phone interface, attached to the cloud, all in the smallest sleekest package available. More power, lower weight, better handling. There is nothing else like it!

  • Electric BikesOptibike Women's Helia R8 All Around Pink


    Save 0%

    The Helia R shares the same features and components of the R8, but with a women’s-specific seat and handlebars, and a colorful pink paint job.

  • Electric BikesOptibike Women's R8 All Around Blue


    The Helia R shares the same features and components of the R8, but with a women’s-specific seat and handlebars, and a colorful blue paint job.

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