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Greenpath Electric Bikes offers a large selection from many manufacturers. See all our bikes below or select a brand or type that fits your needs.

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  • Electric BikesIZIP E3 Compact


    Super portable and easy to use, this folding bike fits short to tall people and is easily adjusted to go from one to the other or anywhere in between. It quickly folds up for easy transport and storage making it great for commuting, throwing into a car trunk or taking it most anywhere. A rear rack is included to carry your purchases and small items.

  • Electric BikesIZIP E3 Town:Exp


    Good things come in small packages. The new E3 Town:exp is small enough for easy transport, but don't be fooled by its size; this bike can go 20 mph and comes loaded with features like cruise control, advanced pedal assist, and a cycle computer that displays trip distance and speed. An easily removable lithium-ion battery pack makes it practical, and its central location behind the seat tube creates optimal weight balance. Great for urban dwellers and short distance riders, the E3 Town:exp offers a wide selection of ride and power modes, has a comfortable upright riding position, and a front suspension fork to absorb road shock.

  • Easy Motion EASYGO VOLT



  • Tern eLink D7i


    An amazing folding bike from the industry leader of folders, Tern!

  • e-JoeElectric Bikes Epik SE Folder (2017 Model)


    Save 3%

    The Epik SE offers great value and durability featuring suspension front fork, awesome gearing, and internal battery.

  • GoCycle GoCycle G3

    from $4,399.00

    Save 11% — 12%

    The Gocycle G3 has the appearance and ride style of an e-bike from the future. Here are just a few of the features: injection moulded magnesium frame and wheels with internal battery, one sided quick release injection moulded mag wheels, Gocycle’s proprietary electronic Predictive ShiftingTM , customizable ride style with smartphone app, enclosed chain, hydraulic disc brakes, etc. The Gocycle G3 is designed to be a do it all e-bike that can be a portable light weight city commuter (35 pounds) as well as a foldable e-bike for transport in a car trunk, RV, boat, etc.

  • Pedego Latch

    from $2,595.00

    The Pedego Latch is an electric folding bike like no other – it rides like a dream and easily folds in about 30 seconds.

  • Emojo Lynx


    A affordable fat tire folding bike with attitude

  • BESVElectric Bikes Panther PS1


    Save 11%

    Sleek. Stylish. Smart. The new BESV Panther PS1 pedal-assisted electric bicycle is all of these things, and more. Extremely lightweight, the Panther is the perfect choice for urban riders, with our advanced proprietary Algorhythm power drive system ensuring the smoothest of rides, for daily commutes and fun rides around town.

  • Magnum Premium 48 Volt Folder


    A powerful 48v 500 watt folding bike that will get you places fast

  • Tern Vektron


    an amazing bionix folder

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