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Greenpath Electric Bikes offers a large selection from many manufacturers. See all our bikes below or select a brand or type that fits your needs.

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  • Easy Motion ATOM 27.5


    A Brose Mid Drive Electric Hard Tail

  • Easy Motion ATOM BIG BUD PRO


    A new edition to our Fat Tire offerings, use of the Brose mid-drive system allows the ATOM fat tire to employ the Rock Shox Bluto suspension fork. It’s also blue and black so you can still go big even if you don’t like the neon green of the EVO Big Bud.

  • Easy Motion ATOM LYNX 4.8 27.5 PRO


    The ATOM lynx is the first bike to combine the power of a Brose mid-drive unit with the performance of a Split Pivot suspension design. Throw in the 600Wh battery found on all Pro models and you have all the ingredients needed to bake a fun-cake.

  • Easy Motion ATOM LYNX 6 27.5 PRO


    This one is much like the 4.8 version. Fully ready for any trail, it has one additional inch of suspension travel. Think of it as a fun-cake with an extra layer.

  • Juiced Cross Current ST (Step Thru)

    from $1,499.00

    A amazing quality electric bike for the money!

  • Electric BikesIZIP E3 Peak


    The E3 Peak keeps building on its trailblazing past. We engineered numerous improvements that make it ever more capable and a delight off road - or on. Now with 10-speeds, a more intuitive control pad, a stronger rim and other tweaks so the ride experience is ever better. This is a bike to be ridden on the back trails and to the high peaks, the ones that were always a bit too far away before. And with a 28+ mph assisted top speed, you might as well ride it to the trail head, too.

  • Electric BikesIZIP E3 Peak DS


    IZIP took everything that made the E3 Peak special and added in a full suspension 4-link frame, a longer travel fork, upgraded parts and made a veritable billy goat that will eat up trails and ascents and then bring you back down just as easily. Yup, great torque, great controls and software, outstanding ride quality going up or down and off road worthy parts. Fast, up to 28 mph with rider input yet fully controllable with easily modulated hydraulic disc brakes. This is a bike to take you places you never dreamt possible.

  • Electric BikesIZIP E3 Sumo


    Power through sand or snow as you float on extra-wide tires. This bike redefines the borders of what an eBike can do. Gobs of power as you laugh at the weather and contemplate what next ‘barrier’ you’ll overtake that other bikes can’t manage.

  • Easy Motion EVO 27.5 PRO +


    An awesome all around hard tail performance mountain bike

  • Easy Motion EVO 29


    An awesome all around performance mountain bike

  • Easy Motion EVO AWD BIG BUD PRO +


    A dual motor all wheel drive performance mountain bike

  • Big Cat Ghost Rider

    from $1,245.00

    A great bike for the money!!

  • e-JoeElectric Bikes Koda


    With many of the top features on the high-end e-bikes, only e-JOE’s KODA brings together best in class sport. We call it our sport class commuter because it combines our exclusive torque-sensor technology with a 7-speed transmission harnessing a 500 watt high performance geared rear hub motor. Only available in Titanium Gray.

  • Magnum Mi5


    A value priced hardtail electric bike that’s trail ready with a suspension fork, knobby tires, 21 speeds and a strong 350 watt motor paired with a large 36 volt 13 amp hour battery pack.

  • Electric BikesOptibike Pioneer Allroad


    The Pioneer combines a 500 watt mid drive motor with a Lithium Ion 37 volt 10.5 amp hr battery for great hill climbing and range. One of Optibike's newest bikes, the Pioneer Allroad is our most economical choice, delivering class-leading performance with an affordable price tag.

  • Electric BikesOptibike R11 Offroad Only

    from $13,990.00

    The 48 volt system accelerates faster with a wider power band, letting the rider attain speeds of up to 33 MPH. The R11 electric bike has 1100 watts of continuous power and peak power of over 2000 watts. This is the e-bike that holds the record for the 24.5 mile ascent up Pikes Peak and is used by Pro Cyclists in motor pacing. The R11 is always up to the challenge.

  • Electric BikesPedego Ridge Rider


    This is Pedego's amazing first step into the MTB/Performance category of ebikes and it does NOT disappoint!

  • OHM SPORT XS750 PLUS (Fat Bike)


    Save 11%

    The ultimate trailblazer Snow, sand, pebbles or pavement. With touring geometry, fatter tires and superior motor performance, this confident off-road-loving bike is ready for anything.

  • Stromer ST2S


    Save 1%

    Simply the very finest electric bike money can buy.

  • Electric BikesHaibike XDURO AMT PRO


    The perfect XDURO for all those riders who aren't willing to compromise: weight-optimized with an exciting race design and high end components. XDURO at its best.

  • Electric BikesHaibike XDURO Fatsix


    Enough power to plough through sand or snow and go new places, no matter the terrain.

  • Electric BikesHaibike XDURO FS RX 27.5"


    XDURO FS RX – The most successful full-suspension eMTB. Enough power to climb any mountain, and enough suspension to fly down in total control.

  • Electric BikesHaibike XDURO Fullcarbon


    Introducing the world's first Full Carbon electric road bike!

  • Electric BikesHaibike XDURO Nduro Pro


    Designed for any trail, any time; the NDURO is the hardest-hitting bike in the XDURO line.

  • Electric BikesHaibike XDURO Nduro RX


    Full long travel suspension and the Bosch drive system come together to form the best bike for those who want to go up and down.

  • Electric BikesHaibike XDURO RX 29"


    The most successful eMTB hardtail. Hardtail efficiency, 29-inch wheels and the Bosch drive system come together to form the best bike for those who want to go up.

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